It’s a Wonderful World Online


OrigamesLa Boîte de Jeu invite you to subscribe to the Beta version of our game It’s a Wonderful World ONLINE which will be launched by late July.

Easy to play!

You can play straight from your browser (PC, Mac, pad or mobile), without any downloading. If you are interested, you just need to subscribe to the following form in order to receive the link to play the game when the Beta will be launched. You will be able to share the link with some of your friends to test the game from 2 to 5 players.


It’s (nearly) a perfect world

This game has been validated by our glorious leader and therefore is brilliant and perfect. Unfortunately traitors and saboteurs under occult forces may have produced some errors. We count on your dedication to detect them. Your name will be praised on the heroes’ wall. Origames’ agents may contact you to follow up on bugs, in order to improve the device.

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